Optima Recykling

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Professionalism and passion constantly accompany us at every stage of our customer service, we base cooperation on an individual approach and competent consulting.
In our team knowledge and years of experience go hand in hand
with commitment and care, thanks to which since 2004 we have been proudly offering the highest quality of personalized service.


It is out of concern for the environment, the trust of our customers and the safety of our employees that we use advanced location systems, monitoring networks and well thought-out solutions. Our customers are unique, just like their needs. We understand this and therefore we also offer special enhanced security measures such as Transportation with Heightened Security.


Comprehensiveness is the basis of our services. We respect the time and values of our customers, we understand how important for them is the comprehensiveness of our work. We organise the receipt, transport, sorting, recycling and disposal of waste with the utmost reliability and responsibility, ensuring an unrivalled standard of control.

Find out why we are the safest recycling partner for you.

Experience the comprehensiveness of our services.

tonnes of CO2 avoided through our work in 2020
...is an environmental saving equal to the pollution caused by 3366 cars!

Find out how we can protect the environment together.